Cleaning With Kids

Having children can shake up a person’s cleaning habits and drastically alter your lifestyle. It is important to instill in your children healthy cleaning habits early in life as well as continue to clean your household for their health. Here are a few tips and tricks to simplify tidying up after the kids.

Wash Toys Regularly. Toys can carry a lot of germs. Wash toys in the dishwasher or washing machine. Doing this regularly will keep your child healthy and happy.

Removing Marker. Kids draw on the walls? Remove permanent market with a dab of toothpaste and rub with a damp washcloth. Viola! No more marker.

Involve the Kids. Engage your kids in cleaning by having them help with small tasks such as picking up their toys or rinsing the dishes. Chore charts are a great way to get them motivated.

Getting Out Grass Stains. We all know kids like to play! Soaking the stain in a solution of water and detergent then wash the garment as usual.

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